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    Ticket Aging Issue

    Keith McNaught
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      I have a rule that I've created to age my tickets once they hit Resolved Status. The rule doesn't seem to work for me, whether I make it an after save rule, or an escalation rule. I currently set the timeout for 15 minutes to test it in a reasonable amount of time. I set the rule up following the documentation on the BMC website. Below is a snippet of the settings I've used in both the after save, and the escalation rule.


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          Hello Keith.  You are using "equal to" so the criteria will only be met if someone happens to update the ticket when  it is exactly 15 minutes.  Not a millisecond before or a millisecond after.  This will never happen so the rule will never run.  You probably want to use "greater than".  Even better, I'd recommend against using Age and use "Created On" instead.  Created On, Relative, occurred at least, minutes, 15.


          That will get the rule to work, but still doesn't seem like a very logical rule.  When someone updates a ticket and puts it to Resolved, if it hasn't Aged 15 minutes you want to leave it in Resolved until the next time someone updates it?  That can be an hour, day, week, or year from now.  What are you trying to accomplish?

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            Keith McNaught

            We are trying to accomplish an auto closure rule for the ticket. After 3 business days of the ticket being in the resolved state. We want the rule to close the ticket. as we are in the mindset of no response back would mean no further issues. The 15 minutes was just a timeframe to test a ticket and not wait the full 3 days. If a response is received the status will be changed to something else as more work will be required on the ticket.

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              That makes more sense.  You want to use the trigger "Time Based" and not "After Save".  I would suggest checking it every hour as there is no meed to have a more frequent check if you're waiting 3 days.  The criteria would be based on "Updated On".

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                Vern Meyer

                Here's ours, Our policy is to close after 5 days, and we check every morning at 12:01:


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                  Keith McNaught

                  Thanks very much, we got the rule working now.