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    rollout with unloaded modules

    Gabriel Andrey
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      For some reasons I have to generate rollouts with some modules unloaded.


      I had some success with few modules, but the Operational Rules is still loaded and active


      In the rollout


      But when I deploy it to a device, the module is loaded and active even if at the agent installation (in the mtxagent.log) it say the is missing in the ini file it load right after



      2017/11/17 14:22:08 AgentModules            I   [4772] Module ../modules/agent/OperationalRules is missing from ini file.
      2017/11/17 14:22:08 AgentModules            I   [4772]  LoadModule for ../modules/agent/OperationalRules
      2017/11/17 14:22:08 OperationalRules        I   [4772]  Module Register starting


      Bon weekend a toutes et tous