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    Integrator Job hangs and never ends

    Amar Achmedan
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      I'm facing an issue with Atrium Integrator 9.1.


      We have a job which contains one transformation that have its file logging activated with log level set on “Detailed Logging” (properties of the transformation).



      When this job is started, from the Atrium Console, the first transformation of the job executes and complete correctly.

      But when the second is executed the job Hangs and never ends.

      The Kettle status report the transformation is running but no data is processed and the steps metrics do not change, even after hours of

      When we restart the Carte server and run the job again, it hangs again but not always at the same step, sometime it hangs even on the transformation initialization step.


      If we deactivate the file logging on the step, or set the log level to any value lower than “Detailed logging”, the transformation is, most of the time, executed correctly.

      But it happens that is hangs even without the file logging. Again, when it hangs it is not always at the same step.


      The Remedy environment is the result of a migration from Remedy
      8.1 to 9.1.03.

      We are running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, ARS Build 002 and Integrator 9.1.03 Build 170517-161129.


      Does anyone already faced a such situation or knows where to investigate?

      When the job hangs, even the logs file are no more written, they do not contains any error. I've checked the arcarte and arcarte-stderr/out files.


      Thanks you


      Here a screen shot of the kerttle status withthe hanging transformation :


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