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    RoD 9.1 Licensing Model

    Lisa Singh

      Just a question about application licenses in RoD 9.1.


      In our 8.1 subscription we only paid for per-user subscription fees, which were controlled via the allocation of AR Server Licenses. There was no additional charge for application licenses (Incident User, Chanage Management User, etc - not custom apps), and when we ran out of fixed Incident Management licenses, BMC just bumped us from 700 to 1200 at no cost.


      Does anyone know if this is the same license model in 9.1? In https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/rondsubscriber/BMC+Remedy+OnDemand+service they detail:


      For a monthly, per-user subscription fee, you receive web access to the BMC Remedy IT Service Management package you select, each package including the processes and rights listed in the following table. These packages are built on a scalable, fully managed global infrastructure, with monitoring, disaster recovery, security, and BMC expert staff managing all patches and upgrades, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


      That's doesn't sound different from 8.1 - you paid your user sub fee for ITSM and users could use any or all parts of ITSM all inclusive. Does anyone know if that is the same as - i.e. there's no extra cost for application licenses?



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          Karl-Anders Falk

          Hi Lisa,

          please connect with your BRM Tamzin Morphy to ensure you get the correct answer to how your specific contract is written in this regard.


          In general this is how it works:


          In the early days of Remedy OnDemand you subscribed to the whole Remedy ITSM suite, and a number of fixed and floating licenses.


          For example if you have 50 Supportstaff, you would buy 50 fixed licenses for these. In addition you might have 300 first line Service Desk staff that works in 3 shifts, these could likely share a floating license as there would be only 100 using them at the same time,  you would subscribe to 100 Floating licenses.


          This worked well and is still in many of our customers contracts.



          However since a couple of years, the licensing has been made a bit more granular and you can now subscribe to not only the whole suite but also to only the Service Desk if you do not need the full Suite like documented here: BMC Remedy OnDemand service - BMC Remedy OnDemand Subscriber Information - BMC Documentation


          This is not bound to any version of the product, it is as per the legal agreement between BMC and the customer as documented in the contract.


          So there is a need to look in your current contract to know exactly what you have subscribed to, to answer this question - which Tamzin could help with.


          Bes Regards



          BMC OnDemand Business Relationship Manager

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            Lisa Singh

            Tamzin wasn't sure. We do have the full ITSM suite, I just am trying to find out if I need to purchase more Incident Management, etc licenses. When we went live with 9.1 there were many fewer application licenses versus subscriptions we've purchased and I've not had much success reaching out to BMC or anyone really to understand how the licensing model works. With our 8.1 contract the application licenses were irrelevent, the only thing that was relevent were the number of subscriptions we'd purchased.


            Apart from our individual contract, a good starting point would be understanding how the 9.1 model offerings worked in general. My belief/understanding is that it works as above and I'm literally going mad trying to just get confirmation merely how the model has been designed.


            The link you posted in the reply is exactly the same as the one I put in my OP. Again, the wording "access to" is very nebulous and doesn't begin to answer questions about how subscriptions work vis-a-vis application licenses. It's beyond frustrating trying to just get those two words clearly defined.

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              Karl-Anders Falk


              I will talk to Tamzin and our business operations team and then we can get on a call with you to ensure you have the full understanding of how it works and also we will try to work to improve the documentation.


              Thanks for your patience

              Best Regards


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                Lisa Singh

                Still going round and round in circles. I just wanted a definition of what's on the website. Tamzin didn't know. I just need a definition of what is on BMC's website. Or just those two words "access to." Just a definition of those two words, just conceptually.


                Pretend I'm not a current customer but a potential customer that read that description on the website and wanted to know more. Maybe BMC sales would know since they sell the service?

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                  Tamzin Morphy

                  Hi Lisa, text, call or email me when you are free for a chat.

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                    Adam Newhall

                    Lisa- did you get anywhere with this Licensing issue?  we're in a similar situation I think...