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    Reboot Windows blocked off, system still rebooted during Operational Rule

    Christopher Luce

      Good morning all.  We have an Operational Rule setup for weekly reboots: see Steve Gibbs' link here Operational Rule to Reboot Devices (6 steps) This OpRule also creates a Custom Inventory item called the BCM Reboot Log, this log, first pic below, will show that the users system was successfully restarted after 2:00am last Thursday


      I have a user who is running simulations so we allow him to reboot manually.  You'll see below that his is the only system in the Reboot Exemption Device Group.  Below that you will see the Reboot Exemption Planning blocks - all of which are disabled.








      From my understanding of the support documentation - no matter the operational rule, query, etc if a system is set to no reboots allowed via the blocked off planning blocks then BCM is unable to reboot that system at all.  Is there something else I should take a second look at or is this a possible bug?