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    Digital Workplace Catalog Installation Error

    Thery Tendyan

      Hi Guys,


      May need a little bit of help here.

      I am trying to install the Digital Workplace Catalog but I get an error.



      PROGRESS EVENT {Description=[arserver.ruleengineexecutor.installer.description],Progress=[58],Detail=[Starting the AR System Server services......]}

      (Nov 08 2017 02:23:59.525 PM +0700),INFO,com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.ar.state.change.UnixArStateChangeStrategy,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[Starting AR Server service...]}

      (Nov 08 2017 02:24:55.456 PM +0700),INFO,com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.rik.RIKUtilJava,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[Executing RIKJ command = PING -B true -s 0 -C true -t 9988 -u Action Request Installer Account -x tsim.emeriocorp.com -l /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace -L true -n ARServer-RIK_PostInstall ]}

      (Nov 08 2017 02:24:55.572 PM +0700),INFO,com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.rik.RIKUtilJava,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[Execution of RIKJ command PING resulted in Return code 90]}



      Anyone ever had the same error? any information of how to deal with it?


      I attached the log.


      Thank you...