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    I have a problem with privilages in innovation studio

    Pavel Zgurski

      I've created my own application. It was uploaded for about month ago into the sandbox and everything were fine. I decided to undeploy the application and made some fixes. The next time, when the app was uploaded i tryied to add new record and new view from workspace. But I failed to do this according to the error "ERROR (8629): Operation is not allowed. Overlay creation not allowed when developer Id set". Also I have the similar problem in console panel, when I tried to undeploy current application I got

      "[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.bmc.arsys:rx-sdk-maven-plugin:17.8.0-SNAPSHOT:undeploy (default-cli) on project bubble-all: error Running undeployment mave

      n Tool: Undeploy can not proceed. Tenant Admin can undeploy only tenant specific bundle. -> [Help 1]" Could you help me to understand what's wrong with my application. Maybe I forgot to config something??