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    ComputerSystem PrimaryCapability default is 0 , not null, for AI jobs ?

    Jeff Sikorski

      version: Remedy/Atrium 8.1.02


      I'm just now starting to focus on PrimaryCapability for my ComputerSystems and get it accurate / keep it accurate.


      I'm noticing that when I create a new AI job that deals with the ComputerSystem class... if I don't specify PrimaryCapability, it defaults to 0 instead of null.


      This makes a huge difference when talking about Merge rules/precedence.


      It's easy to say "dont merge this field in this dataset if it's NULL".  But since 0 isn't null .. that means every time my recon jobs from my datasets where I've created Computers, are merging "0 - Not Dedicated" to the PrimaryCapability list.


      That being said -- is this expected behavior or was this fixed?


      I have a few options, all of which are pretty rough to keep up with:
         A)  Edit all jobs via Spoon and make sure all jobs referencing a computerSystem map "NULL" to PrimaryCapability (when primarycapability can't be found)

        B)  Set the default Merge Precedence rules, and make sure "PrimaryCapability" is lower than BMC.ASSET


      Anyone else run into this and have a different solution to get around it?