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    Unable to login to CDP,studio but able to login to repo

    keith Yim-Lim


      Here are the steps i used to create my local user and assign permissions


      1. Create Role and assign new user to role in Embedded SSO

      2. Created new Group in GM - Grid Permissions with View Grid Status, Grid Management, Grid Administration and Dev Studio checked

      3. Copied AoAdmin group in Repo Manager to new group name

      4. Role, Group Name in GM and Group Name in Repo are all written the same way

      5. Only BAOLocal configured in Realm


      The new user can connect to Respository but can't connect to the Grid (Grid Manager or Studio)


      Im getting this in rsso logs on cdp

      2017-10-27 11:47:00,536 WARN  [http-nio-38080-exec-2] Authenticator:159 - [0] user failed to login, auth type:IdPLocalUser, order:1

      2017-10-27 11:47:00,536 ERROR [http-nio-38080-exec-2] Authenticator:162 - [0] User failed to login, username:xxxx


      Any help would be appreciated