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    Cc function using SMTPAdapter

    Mina Horiuchi

      Hi there,


      I made the workflow about just send email by SMTP Adapter.

      In the workflow, i put 3 addresses on CC and To list.


      Workflow works fine however, when i checked the received email of source it become like below.



      I was expecting the source will show addresses in one line for CC and for To like below.


      To: *****1@yahoo.co.jp,*****2@yahoo.co.jp,*****3@yahoo.co.jp

      Cc: *****i@niscom.co.jp,*****.niscom@gmail.com,*****tp@gmail.com


      Not like 3 lines for each address.

      so far, i checked by and but both adapter show like above pic on my environment.

      I talked to BMC support but on their environment, same situation haven't  happened. (I saw all addresses is showed in one line separated by comma on their environment.)


      I am wondering someone face to this situation?

      I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.


      Best Regards,