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    VGJ - Administrator password reset not working - Windows Server 2016

    S 73

      I'm running BMC server automation 8.9 SP1 and have now connected up to our vSphere environment. 


      When I run my VGJ job it clones the server and performs the VMware image customisation process, however the password I set in the VGJ does not work, and thus post tasks don't run like IP configuration etc.


      To help troubleshoot I've setup a separate account on the server being cloned, so I could login and check the local admin account, and I can see the local admin account name is 'Administrator'.  From my understanding sysprep will delete and recreate the local admin account but for some reason the password is not being set.  I've disabled the password policy i.e. allow 0 limit passwords and disabled complexity, just to see if that helped i.e. was syspred setting a blank password.  However its made no difference


      Anyone seen this before?  This is the string pulled from the sysprep log file:


      Info 20-Oct-2017 12:59:35     COserver - deployXML : <BLPACKAGE>    <ASSET Action="Add" ItemId="1" Name="TestServer" Path="/Templates/TestServer" class="BMC_VMware_VirtualMachineTemplate"/>    <ASSET Action="Add" ItemId="1" Name="Deploy Configuration" Path="/Templates/TestServer/Deploy Configuration" class="BMC_VMware_VMTemplateDeployConfiguration">      <aav name="VMware_Template_Deploy_Destination_VM_Name" type="String">Test Clone</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Template_Deploy_RollBackOnFailure" type="Boolean">true</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Destination_Asset_Internal_Name" type="String">vgpdeploykey::HostSystem::host-420</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Template_datastore" type="String">VMFSxx</aav>      <aav name="VMware_VGP_Source_Type" type="String">VIRTUALMACHINE</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Template_SysPrep_OS_Type" type="String">Windows</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Template_Provisioning_Type" type="String">sameAsSource</aav>      <aav name="VMware_VM_Folder_Path" type="String">/Discovered virtual machine</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Datastore_Type" type="String">VMware_Datastore</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Power_Status" type="String">Started</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Guest_Operating_System" type="String">VMware_windows9Server64Guest</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Destination_Asset_Type" type="String"/>      <aav name="VMware_Template_Mappings" type="String">TestServer</aav>    </ASSET>    <ASSET Action="Add" ItemId="1" Name="CPU" Path="/Virtual Machines/Test Clone/Hardware/CPU" class="BMC_VMware_VirtualMachineHardwareCPU">      <aav name="VMware_Hyperthreading_Sharing_Mode" type="String">any</aav>      <aav name="VMware_CPU_Limit" type="Integer">-1</aav>      <aav name="VMware_CPU_Reservation" type="Integer">0</aav>      <aav name="VMware_CPU_Shares_Value" type="Integer">4000</aav>      <aav name="VMware_CPU_Shares" type="String">normal</aav>      <aav name="VMware_Number_of_Virtual_Processors" type="Integer">1</aav>    </ASSET>    <ASSET Action=" (Time in agent's deploy log:: 10/20/2017 14:05:07) 1 /Templates/TestServer