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    Email notification issues

    John Comes

      Good afternoon


      We are continuing to test the automatic ticket creation via email feature in Track-It 11.4  ( and notification to the requestor.


      Our current setup for Requestor Notification on all tickets is set to only the following:  New Work Order; Work Order Modified, Work Order Closed and the default Auto-response to requestor-submitted emails.


      An unusual behavior is occurring. Emailing a request in generates the expect notification email. However, once the created and unassigned Work Order is assigned to a tech, priority set and classification information updated two additional emails are sent. The first is expected as part of the Work Order Modified setting. The second is a result of the New Work Order setting (based on the unique verbiage included in the email body). I don't understand why the second one is being generated. It is as if Track-It is seeing the updated work order as new even though a WO# has been assigned.


      Timing doesn't seem to matter either. We've tried waiting 10, 15, even 60 minutes from the time the original email request comes in to when we assign a tech and update the work order. The second email using the New Work Order setting is sent as well. Below is a screen shot