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    TaskTop and ITSM integration

    John Magnussen
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      A customer of mine is planning to use TaskTop integration between TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Remedy ITSM, in particular Change Management.

      Does anyone have experience of this, we would like to know about any issues/problems with TaskTop and Change Management integration.



      FYI, to install Change support:

      • Download the Custom Web Services definition file from https://tasktop.com/downloads/bmc-remedy/webservices-3.0/tasktop-change-customization.def
      • Log into BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
      • Select “File” -> “Import” -> “Object Definitions” -> [AR System Server].
      • Import tasktop-change-customization.def
      • Import all forms and web services.
      • Select [AR System Server] -> “Applications” in the “AR System Navigator”, and right click “Remedy Change Management” and select “Edit Application”.
      • Expand “Other Definitions” - > “Forms” and click “Add...”. Add the CHG:Tasktop_ChangeInterface form to the application.
      • Restart the server for the changes to take effect.