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    Control-M 8 EM on Windows 10 - Password fields do not show any characters, buttons do not work

    Nathan Pratt

      When logging into Configuration Manager, and while using Configuration Manager, password fields do not show a cursor or any asterisks/dots until I ALT-TAB away from the window and then back to it.  This does not happen with the initial password when launching the EM application, but once I go to Tools and open Configuration Manager, the password fields and buttons do not work normally.


      Typical use case is: Open EM and click the shortcut for Config Manager under Tools, I then have to blindly click in the password field, type my password, and then click Login.  Nothing will then happen, until I hit ALT-TAB, at which point it seems to register properly, shows the asterisks of my typed password, and then logs into the application.  Once in the app, everything seems to act normally, unless I do anything with passwords like going to Tools > Security > 'Run As...  In that window, editing existing passwords requires me to blindly click in the far right of the field, hit backspace a bunch of times, and then type the new password.  I then have to ALT-TAB for the the new password's asterisks to show up.  I then have to repeat that process for the second field and then hit save, and then ALT-TAB again to get the message that the password has been changed.  Creating a new Run As User is just as painful, and once again all the other text fields work normally, but I have to blindly type the password and ALT-TAB between entering data in each field, and clicking the OK Button to complete the action.


      This only seems to be happening on newer versions of Windows 10, as everything acts normally if I open the Config Manager directly on the server or on older Windows 7 computers.  Just very odd, and I would love to get a solution to this odd and annoying issue.