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    BMC Remedy 9.1.02 Setup - F5 Load Balancer

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi All,



      Some inputs needed - May be Not the right place to ask but still asking..  :-(



      Env Details- Remedy,ITSM,CMDB,SRM,SLM (9.1.02)

      Os- Rhel Linux (ARS + Mid Tier)

      DB- Oracle 12 c

      F5 LB at ARS (remedyapp9) and Web Layer (remedyistm9)



      Issue Details- When even 1 Remedy ARS is down behind APP LB(remedyapp9) then whole Remedy LB link doesnot work partially i think. This does not work - seems for thise user whose last session was with server which is down now- And we get Ar Server Not Reachable error.

      LB team has setup the monitor for Apache Tomcat monitoring but not the same for remedy services.



      Any Input on- How monitors are setup at F5 LB level for Remedy ARS Service Monitoring?