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    TrueSight 10.x: How to increase Query Agent Window's buffer size?

    Sam Truong
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      Hi All,


      Does anyone know how to increase the buffer size of the TS' Query Agent window?

      I have a customer who doesn't have access to their Patrol Agents and they have to do everything via this window. For example, say I need to retrieve the content of a log file:


      print(system("cat  $PATROL_HOME/log/mylog.txt"));

      print(system("tail -n 5000 $PATROL_HOME/log/mylog.txt"));


      But if the mylog.txt file is too large, the 1st query will not return anything.

      Does this ring a bell with anyone? If yes, any idea/suggestion would be more than welcome.


      Thanks and have a nice weekend!




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