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    Report for time duration in Incident status

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      Hi, community!

      I've get some difficult task to create a report for Incident time duration during life cycle of incident.

      I need a column for time in Assigned status and Work In Progress status.

      The time duration in Assigned status don't overlap with Work In Progress and vise versa

      Perhaps in Incident form are include special fileds for that calculation or some other workflow for an Audit form. Could you please to help how it could be resolved ?


      Any help will appreciate

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          Sherwin Russel

          I haven't tried this, but I believe the idea is to refer to the HPD_HELPDESK_AUDITLOGSYSTEM.

          You might need to create Custom Objects in the SAP Universe extending the Incident Table.

          You can relate the Entry_ID from the HPD_HELP_DESK form and the Original_request_id from the HPD_HELPDESK_AUDITLOGSYSTEM in all the object's Where Statement, and also add the Log = "Status: In Progress  (2)" or Log = "Status: Assigned (1)".

          You can either pick the CREATE_DATE or AUDIT_DATE columns from the HPD_HELPDESK_AUDITLOGSYSTEM for calculating the time taken from the Incident Submit Date.

          If the Parsing is OK then you can export the universe and start using them in your front end reports.

          Let me know, how it goes.

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            Thanks Shervin for your reply!

            It's good idea to use duration between Submit Incident Date and Create_Date or Audit_Date from HPD_HELPDESK_AUDITLOGSYSTEM.

            I've found that recently we've get some additional form for incident history where workflow after Incident Status change set time. So I've get time when status=Assigned or In Progress and summary total time for each of status from adittional form and get finnaly report result.

            So It's fotunantley for me that we've get custome_history_incident_form.

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              Sherwin Russel

              Yea, whichever works best for you.

              Sometimes it's easy to build the fields/logic in Remedy and just use them in SAP Reporting, instead of spending time in SAP ITSM Universe.