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    How to Disable Customer Notifications

    T. D.

      We are currently running ITSM 9.1.  We would like to shut off outgoing notifications to the customer upon ticket creation (HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation).


      I am aware that on the People record the field Notification Availability no the Notification tab can be set to NO.  The problem with this is they will receive no notifications at all.  We just want the ticket creation turned off.


      I am aware of the ability to create a custom notification on the notification tab that will override the system notifications.  However, the customer is NOT a support person so the button 'Update Notification Preference' is disabled / greyed out.


      Any workout to just turn off the outgoing notification upon ticket creation for selective customers?


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          Raghavendra Mudagallu

          HI TD,


          Disable the Notification Tag "HPD-INC-CustomerReceiptConfirmation" in "SYS:Notification Messages" form.




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            T. D.

            Thanks Raghavendra, but this defeats the purpose.


            We only want to shut this notification off for the 'occasional' customer, not all customers.  Your suggestion should shut this notification off for every customer.



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              Raghavendra Mudagallu

              Hi TD,


              In this case, there should be a code cusotmization.


              1. Customize People form to include a flag which will indicate to turn off this notification.

              2. When customer details are fetched in help desk form then include this custom field as well.

              3. Customize ootb filter "HPD:INC:NTCustConfirm_851_SetTag" to fire based on this custom flag field.


              My recommendation is to customize the CTM:People form only if it is overlaid already orelse create a custom form where you will set the login id and the identifier flag and retrieve the flag details based on the login id. But this will trigger one more set fields action which will impact performance but that should be a major concern.




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                T. D.

                Thanks!  I was hoping not do any customizations.  I appreciate your feedback.

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                  Sidhdesh Punaskar

                  Re: How to disable customer notifications - for only one company!

                  This is not possible without customization but I can help you in reducing the customization workflows.


                  You can follow this process.

                  Open the form NTE:SYS-Define NT Events in mid-tier.

                  Search with

                  Module Name = Incident

                  Notifcation Event = Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation

                  Change Support Staff Event to Yes.


                  Open the form NTE:CFG-Notification Events in mid-tier.

                  Create new entry

                  Notification Event Type: System Default

                  Module Name: Incident

                  Notification Event: Requester Incident Receipt Confirmation

                  Individual Notification : Yes

                  Group Notification: Yes


                  Go to Developer Studio and open the filter: CHG:CRQ:NTCustConfirm_803_SetTag with overlay.

                  In set field action, remove the  following mapping.

                  z1D Notification Type


                  Once you do, go to people form and create user preference for those users who do not want notifications.