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    Error when searching in 12.1.06

    Adam Lederhos

      I get the error below when I try to search

      Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded.



      We recently migrated our database to a new SQL server. This could be the genesis of the issue. I found Article ID: TIA05897 but it applies to version 11. Will it work for 12?

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          Nicolas Roome

          Sounds like you migrated to a SQL Express server prior to version 2014 where Full Text Indexing is not installed by default. Assuming that is the case you should note that SQL Express in any edition or year is not supported by BMC due to the SQL Express limitations (primarily, the 1gb memory limit on the instance, but you'll also run into a 10gb database limit in a few years).


          If you are not on a SQL Express edition, then whoever installed SQL disabled Full Text Indexing, which FootPrints requires. You'll need to enable that.

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            Adam Lederhos

            It's definitely not Express, but thanks for the tip on it being something not installed by default. I had my DBA install it on the database/server.