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    Direct Access URL to CI Explorer

    Christoph Klapetke


      is it possible similar to Direct Access URL to INC, CRQ & TSK using SHR:LandingConsole to build an URL to get Access to a CI which will be displayed in the CI Explorer??


      The background to the question is the limited use of Smart-IT.

      The CI Explorer contained in Smart-IT is unfortunately very limited and shows only one relationship type at a time. As a workaround until the CI Explorer is integrated in the new CMDB, I would like to refer directly to the Atrium Core CI Explorer via a client-side URL from the asset.


      When I check the AL workflow which is attached to the Asset Management menu link I can see that four fields will be applied during the open window Action.

      So the question is how can I apply the fields in the URL Syntax?

      Control Field: z2NI_CIViewer

      Run If Qualification:
      'z1D_Namespace' != $NULL$ AND 'z1D_ClassName' != $NULL$ AND 'Instance Id' != $NULL$
      Position     Action Type     Description  
      0  Open Window 

      Window Type: Search
      Target Location: New
      Inline Form

      Server Name: $SERVER$
      Form Name: schema_display.gifAtrium:Explorer
      View Name: Default Admin View

      Set Fields To Defaults
      Field Name     Value  
      Class Name  $z1D_ClassName$
      CI ID  $Instance Id$
      Dataset ID  $zTmpGlobalDataSetID$
      Namespace  $z1D_Namespace$