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    ADDM Job synchronization failed when try connect to a discovery server and the request request confirmation to connect

    Josue Araujo
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      Hi team,


      I have a problem with the synchronization job in ADDM.


      I have a group of virtualized servers, these servers had a change last weekend.

      Today, these servers are rejected during the discovery process.



      The servers do not have problems, since the credentials are the same, but at the moment of logging in to the server the message is sent that if it is sure to connect, in case of answer if, the ssh key rule is added to the session so that the following sessions do not have problems.

      At the moment of manually starting the session in the servers as explained in the previous paragraph have no problems, but when doing this automatically through BMC ADDM you have problems like those seen in the image of the BMC ADDM error table.

      Has this ever happened to you?

      Thank you very much