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    Management Console Policy

    Deepak Kamath
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      Hi Team,


      I have installed BMM but "Create new Agent Policy" option in Policies tab is disabled. Please let me know if there is configuration for that. I am using sa user to login in Management Console.


      I am also looking for default credentials for Configuration Manager.I am using BMM 8.1 version.



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          Oliver Lemke

          Hello Deepak,


          this is Oliver Lemke from he BMC Customer Support team that is taking care of the "TrueSight Middleware Monitor" product and it's affiliated products.


          Deepak, BMC Communities is not the exact place to ask this kind of questions. The questions you have rather sound like you would want them to be handled through a proper BMC Customer Support case. So please log in to BMC Support Central and open a case there - or send an email to mailto:customer_support@bmc.com providing your Support id (SupId) and the product name in the email subject and a problem description in the email body.


          Once the Case hits our Case Queue, we will pick it up and can investigate and solve your issues.


          Thanks and best regards,