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    Service Request approver cannot see approval request in MyIT

    edison pioneer

      Hi everyone,


      Service Requests have been set up for manager approval.  We've had a couple of managers who recieve the approval email notification however when they login to MyIT to approve, the Bell icons does not display that there is a notification that needs approval and when they select My Activity>Approvals, no service request shows up in the history however, if they search for the request it opens and displays the option to approve.  The users do not have a delegate associated to their account.  Is this a permission issue?  Most managers are able to login to MyIT and approve their requests.  Screen shot of user's access in MyIT depicting the issue.


      Attached is a word document that details out the issue.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.




      PS →  After doing more of my research after posting this, I came across Approval not showing in Notification bell It seems they are having the same issue as I do.