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    How to monitor printer jobs without crushing Proactivenet ?

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      i'm looking for a way to monitor printer jobs on a few print servers with BPPM 9.6.

      I can configure a Printer profile in the CMA policy to monitor printers (in v4.9 there's also an include/exclude printer list) but what really concerns me is the monitor hiearchy that will be created: there will be Printers,Printer,Printer Jobs and eventually several Print Job monitors.

      Now, to my understanding, every time a print job is detected (which means that somebody somewhere is printing something on his desktop/laptop) a monitor for that print job will be created and the metric "Job Time Spent in Queue" will be collected. This is the metric i want to collect and on which i will set thresholds to generate alarms.

      Since printer jobs come and go, i expect a huge quantity of monitors to be created and hopefully a few minutes later marked for delete. My concern is that the whole bppm will suffer because of the number of monitors that will grow quicker than the MFD monitor retention rate.

      I don't have the chance to test this, so i'm asking: has anybody had any experience with this ? are my assumptions correct ?


      if so, the only solution i can think of is to create a separate instance of PA on the printer servers (so the first instance will go on doing the standard monitoring) and configure it to send only events and no data, this SHOULD prevent the monitors from being created on BPPM but still let me receive the alarms (by setting, for the first time in this project unfortunately, patrol agent thresholds). Does this sound reasonable ?