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    getting 'request error' while executing a pattern

    Kedar Abhang

      Hi Experts,


      I am getting following error while executing a pattern I just created to read a file from the target server.


      Error Message RuleError on rule tpl_MAINFEST_details_body_0 due to: Error in action revisit_discovery.fileGet -- RequestError: Supplied target is none



      Internal Error Detail:  File "/usr/tideway/var/code/generated_code/MAINFEST_details/__init__.py", line 137, in execute

          engine.doAction(tracker, 'revisit_discovery.fileGet', '__internal.MAINFEST_details.MAINFEST_details.Body.subrule_0', {'__inferences' : llr___inferences, '__inferences_tracker' : llr___inferences_tracker, '__instrumentation' : llr___instrumentation, '__pattern_node' : llr___pattern_node, '__tmp_0' : llr___tmp_0, '__triggers' : llr___triggers, 'tpl_host' : llr_tpl_host, 'tpl_instance' : llr_tpl_instance, 'tpl_location' : llr_tpl_location, 'tpl_mainfest_si' : state['tpl_mainfest_si']}, 'tpl_mainfest_file', llr___instrumentation, False, llr___pattern_node, dict_get(state['tpl_mainfest_si'], 'host'), llr_tpl_location, True)

        File "./__init__.py", line 611, in doAction

        File "./revisit_discovery.py", line 143, in perform

        File "./discovery_request.py", line 973, in __init__

        File "./discovery_request.py", line 537, in __init__

        File "./discovery_request.py", line 234, in __init__

        File "./discovery_request.py", line 62, in __init__

        File "./request_policy_link.py", line 451, in __init__

        File "./request_policy_link.py", line 283, in _findDiscoveryAccessLink


      Could you point out what could be the reason for this error?