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    "504 Gateway Time-out" trying to connect to Innovation Studio

    Denny Tutolo



      I am facing an issue trying to connect to my Sandbox.

      When I try to reach my samdbox instance I get the error "504 Gateway Time-out" from the web page.


      These are my Sandbox URLs:

      Innovation Studio: https://developer2929.innovate.bmc.com/com.bmc.arsys.rx.innovationstudio/index.html

      Mid-Tier - https://developer2929.innovate.bmc.com:8443/arsys.


      I restarted the Sandbox but I am still getting that error.

      In addition, after having restarted the instance, my Sandbox information in the Developer Portal disappeared.

      Now I can see only the form for requesting a new Sandbox; if I try to do it, I receive an email from BMC with the following error:

      "You have exceeded the limit or your request is already under progress."


      Please note that I cannot even reach the Mid-Tier (I'm getting the same error "504 Gateway Time-out").


      Someone has any suggestion on how to solve this issue?



      Thanks in advance.