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    SAAM behavior when a database is moved

    Bill Jordan
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      Hi, I'm trying to understand how SAAM models should work when a node, like a database, that is used as an entry point for the model, is moved to a different server. 


      Take the simple example of a SAAM model being made up of just a database, it's software server and it's host server, something like this:

      SAAM Application -> Database -> Database Server Software -> Database Host Server


      If the database is moved to a different server should that new database (same name & type) automatically show up in the model or will it just drop off and require me to add it back to my model manually?


      Another example would be a WebSphere EAR file being used as the entry point for the model, if that EAR file is moved to a different server during an upgrade will the new node be added to the model?


      Our experience is that the node just goes away, and unless there is some observed communication between the new node and something in the model it will need to be re-added manually.  Is that the expected behavior?


      I know with CAM it will pick up the new node if it meets the query criteria, I think we were under the impression that SAAM would remember what was manually added as part of a template and do the same.