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    Cc and Bcc problem using SMTPAdapter

    Mina Horiuchi

      Does anyone faced to this problem?


      Below is the Module input value for send Email using SMTPAdapter is as below.

      *BAO version is 7.8.02.

      *SMTPAdapter 20.14.01 / 20.16.03 checked both. .and both are same result.


       Would like to send the email to 6 addresses using "To address list" and "Cc address list".

          (For the test, using 3 different type addresses.)



       When user received the Email, only able to see the last one address (Address C) from browser (Thunderbird) like below. (Office 365 too.)

          Doe to receiver can't see other addresses, the person can not reply to all.



      In my environment it doesn't happen.

      Please let me know if you guys have happened this thing.


      Best Regards,