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    How to change the status to 'New' for a new work order from Web

    Justin Masse



      I was wondering if there was a way to change the status to 'New' when a user creates a work order from the web portal. Currently it creates a new work order and assigns it the status of 'Open'. I see a 'New' value in the SQL table, but I'm not sure how to access it.





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          Ken Soszka

          Hi Justin,


          This can be done, just follow the steps below:


          1. In the Admin Console, Lookup Tables, Help Desk. Go to Work Order Statuses and make sure that there is a Status of "New" and that it is set to a System Type of Open. That's probably what you see in the database. I would advise against deleting and re-creating it if possible, as that can cause issues with Work Orders that were in the old "New" status vs. Work Orders that will be in the old "New" status.


          Field Customization - New - Open Status.PNG


          2. Exit the Admin Console and go to the Help Desk module. Open a new Work Order, and select / highlight the Status field.


          Field Customization - Select Field.PNG


          3. Press Ctrl-F2 or Shift-F2 to open the Field Options window. Enter "New" as the default value. Click Save. You can edit most fields in Technician Client this way. Changes here will automatically take effect in Track-It! Web and Self Service.


          Field Customization - Field Default Value.PNG

          Note: The value entered here must exactly match a Status that is listed in the Work Order Statuses lookup table in Step 1. In this case, "New".


          4. Close the New Work Order window by clicking the red X, there is no need to save the Work Order itself.


          Field Customization - X Out.PNG


          Now, new Work Orders will have a default Status of "New". If you don't see the change in Self Service, try restarting IIS on the Track-It! Web server.


          Please let me know if that helps.

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            Justin Masse

            Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for.


            Thanks for your help.