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    Backup and Restore of a particular CI.

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      Hi All,

      i have a small question.


      is it possible to take a backup of Production Dataset (BMC.ASSET) and restore only few particular CIs from this backup.

      for an example: i take the entire backup of golden dataset. 2-3 after my 10 windows servers gets decommissioned and by a purge job they get deleted.

      now i have to go back to Back-up i took and restore only these 10 windows servers along with their relationships, is it possible?


      Also backup has to be taken on DB level or when i do Copy job from golden dataset to my backup dataset, acts like a backup and we could do such restores??


      what are all type of Backup and Restore Functions available in Remedy 7.6 patch 4?


      thanks in Advance!!

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          Christian Smerz

          You can handled this through Reconciliation.


          You can perform a copy job to make a copy of the production dataset.

          You can create an identify and merge job with appropriate precedence values to move the desired servers from the copy dataset back to production.

          You can add a qualification to the identify and merge job to run against just the desired servers you want to return to production.

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            thanks Christian for your input,


            We already built Recon jobs and synced data from ADDM to ASSET. the issue occurred was when few servers got decommissioned ADDM set their MarkAsDelete to YES, thus many few windows servers got deleted it's relationship and Purge job deleted them.


            we Rebuilt recon by putting in place few precedence rules for ADDM not to update ASSET with MAD flag. but before doing that we want to take backup\Export and restore few particular CIs which might get decommissioned and we have to restore them from the backup.


            so are below possible please?


            1. Is it possible to Backup\Export only few Classes (BMC.ComputerSystem) of my Golden Dataset and restore\Import those classes back to Golden dataset on the same environment?


            2. Is it possible to take Export\Backup of Entire Golden dataset or of only particular Class (BMC.ComputerSystem) and Restore only particular CIs (example few windows servers) back to golden dataset?


            if above are possible, where could i find all steps to do Export\Import and Backup\Restore.

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              From Your post This is my understanding of the Problem Statement-

              Some Servers are Decommissioned So Its Not Discovered By ADDM - So Same Is propagated  to BMC CMDB- MAD Flag is Set and Purge Job Deleted Those Server CI.

              You Want- Still to Preserve those Decommissioned Servers in CMDB - Hope My Understanding is Correct?


              So Why Not Disable those Automatic Purge Job First?




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                Thanks for your Input Rahul,


                Yes,alike the requirement we have as you specified.


                Our Server team still want decommissioned servers to be in status as Disposed and not as Deleted. So when a server is alive it's with Deployed status in ADDM and ASSET dataset. when server is decommissioned the MAD gets set to YES in ADDM and shouldn't get YES in ASSET dataset. so i have given lower precedence value to ADDM dataset compared to ASSET dataset. So MAD should get YES in ADDM but not in ASSET even the server is decommissioned.


                Now about Purge job.


                Since we dont have Edge connectivity from ADDM we are using Solar-winds for network devices and SCCM for servers for deployment so we have to have a Purge job running in order to manage their life-cycle.


                since we're not managing life cycle through ADDM and managing by other tools we have to use Purge job.

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                  Coming to Your Point of ADDM - What I can think of. Take a CSV export of CI name from  ADDM data set with MAD Flag Set as Yes.

                  Now Write a Spoon Jobs which will Update these CI Status as Disposed in BMC.Asset.


                  Spoon Job will have Steps like -

                  (1) Read Csv File - CI name

                  (2) Do a CMDB Lookup and Fetch Instance ID/Recon ID from CMDB for CI Read in Step 1

                  (3) AROutput Step- Update Status=Disposed  in AST:Attribute based on Instance ID/Recon ID of CI lookup.


                  So This way - ADDM feeded servers will not purged.