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    Access Issues after Upgrading ARS,Atrium Core/Integrator to 9.1.03 from 9.1.02

    Abdul Moid Mohammed

      Hi Team,


      We have recently upgraded one of our Dev Environment to 9.1.03 from 9.1.02.

      We are on Windows as OS and Oracle as DB with Standalone Environment for this upgrade.


      Few of the users who have fixed license and are Administrator are unable to access Developer Studio and get access Errors while accessing the Upgraded Environment.


      when cross checked their people profile dont see any issue but when checked the user profile from User tool its blank(license/License Type) but when checked from mid-tier it has all the details.

      I have updated the details on the user form too and user with Fixed license and Admin Priviliges still face the issue accessing Upgraded Environment.


      users get the below error  -  while accessing Developer Studio

      Unable to connect to the following servers.

      -- User X does not have admin/subadmin priviliges on the server.


      Appreciate response at your earliest availability.


      Regards;--Abdul Moid