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    Do AIF store data inside the form ?


      Hi All,


      I have a question in my mind. it is like i have a custom AIF and i am submitting the data through it and in backend it is creating an incident for this. but what i want is like if user is working on that incident and then there is a button as "View SR" and then SR details page get opened then there is a button on the bottom right corner named as "More Details" after clicking on that button it is opening the Custom AIF form through which that SR was submitted. this form is not contains any data at that time. so i want to ask if it is possible so that i can store the data within these forms as well ? so that we can see the data directly by clicking on this "More Details" button or by manually searching on this AIF ?

      PFB the screen shot for the things what i am talking about:


      View SR.JPG

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          Rahul Priyadarshy

          AIF Stores Data locally also (Just like Another Regular Form). If Do a search on AIF form it will show you the data.




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            PAWAN KAUSHIK

            Hi Rahul,


            I am opening the same AIF form in Search mode and it is not reflecting any data inside this. Is there anything i am making wrong ?

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              PAWAN KAUSHIK

              Hi All,


              I have found a way to achieve this requirement. What i did is mentioned below:


              -> Open the AL guide named as: SRS:ADN:SHR_OnSubmit_SubmitInReview

              -> Open the AL named as: SRS:ADN:SHR_OnSave_120_CustomFormSaved

              -> Make a copy of above active link something like AL:Test:SubmitFormSave and remove all associated form and associate your custom form with it for say      You have a custom AIF form as Test:AIF:Form1

              -> Make changes in push field action as per below screen shot:

                        Push Field Action.JPG

              -> Save your custom Active Link

              -> After that add your custom Active Link in the SRS:ADN:SHR_OnSubmit_SubmitInReview active link guide before this active link -> SRS:ADN:SHR_OnSubmit_120_CustomForm

              -> Also move this Active link: SRS:ADN:SHR_OnSubmit_120_CustomForm at the end of this guide. so that you can see the message of request submission instead of an error.


              I Hope this will Help all of you.