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    How to set up an FTP job so that it fails if the source file is not present?

    Alvin Steele

      We are running Control-M version 8.00. We are planning to start using the FTP job type to replace custom FTP scripts. For the example we have chosen, we execute SFTP to move a file from one internal server to an outward facing server. We would like the job to fail if it does not transfer the file successfully.  As I test, I see that the job will not fail if the source file is not there. I get the following message in the job output:

      Connection to SSH server on host 'xxxx' was established

        No files in directory 'D:\xxxx' matched pattern '*.zip'

        No matching files for pattern '*.zip'

        Transfer #1 completed successfully



        Job executed successfully. exiting.


      I would like the job to fail if the source file was not found.


      Any help would be much appreciated.