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    AP/LAP to CDP NIC Traffic Configuraton

    Benjamin Hawkins



      We're trying to configure a remote AP/LAP in Azure to connect back into our on-premise environment.


      The CDP has 2 NIC's configured one that connects into our on-prem environment and the second that connects into Azure and a mangement environment within going through ASAV's.


      We've managed to run and installation successfully and connect from the remote Azure environment back into the CDP. However the AP/LAP is showing offline when in the GRID manager. When looking at the GRID log files on the AP/LAP it's saying it's timing out as it's expecting a connection response from the CDP on the first NIC not the second that it has connectivity through.


      On the install we specified a FQDN that is setup in DNS for the second NIC's IP addressing.


      Does anyone know how we can configure the AP/LAP to expect a return from the 2nd NIC IP Address instead of the 1st NIC IP Address from the CDP or can we force the traffic down one side of the remote platform.


      Thanks in advance


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          Matthew Highcove

          You can modify the file [BAO_HOME]/server/.jms/broker-config.xml to tell the peer which IP it should use when listening for messages from other peers and telling other peers what IP to use to connect to it. If you want your peer to use the IP address for grid communications, edit the element <uri> and add <listen-addresses> and <advertise-addresses> per this example:


          You must restart your CDP for changes to take effect., and you may need to clear the discovery files in [BAO_HOME]/server/.jms/disco/ on your other peers.

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