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    BMC Discovery - Product Name as "To be filled by O.E.M."

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      Hi All,

      i was getting the list of Products in BMC Discovery and encountered one with "To be filled by O.E.M." .

      can someone please explain what this "To be filled by O.E.M." value is for Product?



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          Andrew Waters

          What do you mean by list of products?


          Presumably Discovery has discovered some software which would normally be branded by a third party and has not been. Discovery is only reporting what is found, it is not going to set that value arbitrarily.

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            Thad Esser



            What I've found is that usually there is something on the host/server that hasn't been set by the manufacturer.  If you look at the Discovery Access for one of these, and then the results of the getHostInfo script, you'll see the O.E.M. part is in the directly discovered data.  For example, in our environment, on one host, this WMI query from the Windows getHostInfo script:

                 SELECT Name, Manufacturer, Model, Domain, SystemType, TotalPhysicalMemory FROM Win32_ComputerSystem

            Returns this for the model:

            Since the Model data ends up as the CMDB Product, that's where it's coming from.  I'm not sure that BMC could do anything about that (other than translate that to "unknown" or blank it out).  We've had bash errors come through as CMDB Product names too (although I haven't looked for that lately).


            Hope that explains it,


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