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    How do I exclude specific queues from receiving email via workflow rule?

    Ben Seba


      I have a workflow rule that sends queue members an email when a Task has been assigned to them. The logic is BMCServiceDesk__state__c = True && NOT(ISBLANK(BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c)).


      I've tried adding in the following statement in an attempt to prevent the email not fire off for specific queues that don't want the email, but it doesn't seem to work. The queue ends up getting the email and I'm not sure why.


      && (BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c <> "Queue Name 1" ||

      BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c <> "Queue Name 2" ||

      BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c <> "Queue Name 3" ||

      BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c <> "Queue Name 4" ||

      BMCServiceDesk__Queue__c <> "Queue Name 5")


      Does anyone have a suggestion?