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    Relationships not being created between CI's - CMDB

    edison pioneer

      Hi, everyone,


      Every once a week, we get an email from a client which contains an attachment in CSV format. The CSV contains a list of CI's that need to be entered into CMDB. The entire process is automated.


      From my understanding,


      1) client sends an email with the attachment


      2) the attachment goes to ImportCSV form


      3) AI job runs


      4) Recon job runs


      5) All CI's are registered in CMDB.


      This time, however, the client said that out of the 60 (approx) CI's, 10 (approx) were not registered as he was not able to view them. He also sent us those CI's. I spoke with a colleague of mine and he said records are not being created in BaseRelationship form those missing CI's.




      I asked the client what form he looked at from his side, and this was his reply, along with the attached screenshot

      "I used the Relationships Report, which contains data from the Remedy back end.  But you can use native Asset Management and look at any of the CIs I have listed to see that the relationships between apps and servers were not created, while all others on the Additions file were.  Here is an example of NA-273.  We should see a relationship to KGCUSOKTULSQL02, but we don’t."


      (NB → Screenshot attached of wherein I have blacked out some fields)



      Would you kindly sort us out here?

      Please find attachments below. (Logs AIE + ARRECOND)




      PS → This was performed on 21st September, 2017.


      PPS → Please be informed that we had a bit if an outage on 22nd September, so that might be reflected in the logs.


      If there is anything you need from my side, please let me know.