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    Service Broker - BAO : Catalog Import/Service Invoke

    Sanket Mhatre

      Hello Team,


      We have successfully integrated SB BAO connector. Also we have applied valid SSL certificate at BAO CDP.  Fwe have followed the steps mentioned in BMC MyIT Service Broker module - BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.16.03


      Steps for BAO:

      1. Installed BAO content installer , and selected the modules as mentioned on the BMC docs.
      2. Activated both BMC-SA-MyIT_Service_Broker_Integration & :BMC-SA-SDA_Fulfillment_Cases
      3. Similarly activated web services adapter


      What I am trying?

      I just want to see , how SB can invoke BAO Services?


      What I have tried?

      As mentioned in the BMC Docs, in the catalog import option in SB, I should be able to see below catalogs.. However, I always find empty catalog whenever I try to import catalog in SB from BAO connector.


      We are on version 3.4 of service broker.. Few of the snapshots as below :

      In Service broker bundle.log, on the even of importing BAO catalog, I get below error :


      09-21 19:24:58.952 DEBUG com.bmc.myservice.connect.util.RxUtils running com.bmc.myservice.connect.service.impl.BaseConnectionServiceImpl$$Lambda$186/419531442 as ericsson.se admin

      09-21 19:24:59.028 DEBUG com.bmc.myservice.connect.util.RxUtils finished com.bmc.myservice.connect.service.impl.BaseConnectionServiceImpl$$Lambda$186/419531442 as ericsson.se admin

      09-21 19:25:13.042 DEBUG com.bmc.myservice.connect.commons.rest.RestRequestExecutor POST https://XXXXXXX:38080/baocdp/rest/process/%3ABMC-SA-MyIT_Service_Broker_Integration%3AGet%20Service%20List/execute?mode=sync 420

      09-21 19:25:13.080 WARN com.bmc.myservice.connectors.client.JaxRsClientFactory [{"messageType":"ERROR","messageText":"Unknown system error","moreInfo":"","messageAppendedText":"Request to server https://XXXXXX:38080 failed.420: ","messageNumber":8790}]

      09-21 19:25:13.080 TRACE com.bmc.myservice.common.util.SrvInterceptor Took 14134 ms to execute com.bmc.myservice.connectors.client.ConnectorClientImpl.getServices

      09-21 19:25:13.082 TRACE com.bmc.myservice.common.util.SrvInterceptor Took 14218 ms to execute com.bmc.myservice.catalogimport.CatalogImportSrvImpl.findServices

      09-21 19:25:15.631 ERROR com.bmc.myservice.common.util.HttpUtils java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out


      Can any one help, why I am unable to import catalog from BAO into Service Broker?




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          Sanket Mhatre



          Thanks to BMC Support. Issue resolved. We followed below steps in debugging, perhaps that could help someone to debug other issues:


          1. We imported the modules in BAO Studio, and executed the BMC-SA-MyIT_Service_Broker_Integration:Get Service List manually in dev studio.
          2. There we got few errors. we checked in the grid log of BAO Dev studio, and we found the error detail=Unable to locate the Process with ID [:AutoPilot-OA-Common_Utilities:XML_Utilities:Convert XML Attributes to Elements].
          3. That hinted , something is not correct with AutoPilot-OA-Common_Utilities.
          4. We imported module AutoPilot-OA-Common_Utilities in BAO Studio, and found XML_Utilities is missing. BMC Support does had it present in their environment, but it was on the version 20.16.03, where as we were on 20.16.02.
          5. In the grid, under modules, we already had the version 20.16.03 for AutoPilot-OA-Common_Utilities, so we activated latest one, and after that we were able to see catalog in SB from BAO.



          FYI.. the Catalog in SB looks as below :