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    CMDB Rack management & Locations?

    Gabriel McGinn
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      Hello BMC Community,


      CMDB Locations do not appear to have a native sub location option. It appears the most effective way to track the location subsets (such as rooms, storage areas, data center cages and even racks), is to create multiple locations. Rack Units however would be unreasonable to create as locations(X number of racks multiplied by 54Units).


      Racks natively exist as a default class. If I am trying to adhere to best practices, it seems that racks should not be locations.

      Strangely the class does not include Rack unit relationships to the Computer system class: Server, Switch, Router, etc and field dependencies cannot be set on look up fields.


      So how do you handle the following in your CMDB instance?:

      • Rooms
      • Racks
      • Rack Units
        • How do you prevent using an occupied rack unit? (Flows, field dependencies, validation rules)?
      • CMDB Explorer - I'll have to map the source destination relationship for each item to the rack?


      The simple solution is to add free text fields, but I would like to incorporate a structured accurate field set structure to limit user error in data entry.


      Thank you in advance for your input