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    Solaris 11 patching through a proxy server.

    Iain Taylor

      BSA version 8.9


      I have a Solaris 11 server as the target server, and also the Repository Server, with FW access opened and verified to a SQUID Proxy Server.


      I am using the Solaris 11 patch scripts solution to create/update the repository and then run patch analysis on for my Solaris environment, but I get the following errors


      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:08 Analysis failed on this target

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:08 Exit Code 1

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:07 Analysis Output:

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:07 Startup: Refreshing catalog 'solaris' ... Done

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Error in analysis: pkg update returned non zero exit code. Exit code: 1

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 URL: 'http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release' (happened 4 times)

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Framework error: code: 6 reason: Couldn't resolve host 'pkg.oracle.com'

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Analysis Results:

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 This is likely a network configuration problem.

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Unable to contact any configured publishers.

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Encountered the following error(s):

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 Unable to contact valid package repository

      Error 19-Sep-2017 17:50:06 pkg: 0/1 catalogs successfully updated:

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:05 Fetching Analyzing target: PTHBSAAS

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:50:04 Getting target properties

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:49:34 Adding target to Analyzer

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:49:34 Cleaning Old Results

      Info 19-Sep-2017 17:49:34 Getting target properties


      I am guessing that is because I should be going through a http proxy server. our environment is configured with a squid proxy that requires a username and password to authenticate.


      we are able to configure using the squid proxy for all runs the offline down loader scripts for all other OS on our Offline Downloader Server, but there doesn't seem to be that option for the Solaris 11 solution.


      Could anyone assist with how I would configure this? is it going to be a case of modifying the script to add the proxy settings in or does it have to be done on the OS itself?


      i've already tried to run export http_proxy=http://<squid_proxy>:<port>, but I am guessing that would then need to be linked somewhere to be used, and also I dont know if it will be sufficient as it doesn't have the username or password.


      Many thanks in advance.



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          Iain Taylor

          I've found the solution by setting the export http_proxy=http://<proxy_username>:<proxy_password>@<proxy_server_ipaddress>:<port> in the Solaris 11 Patching Solution Scripts

          Solaris 11 Update Repository

          Solaris 11 Patching


          Under the initial OPTARG settings




          while getopts "t:D:J:d:m:l:a:p:f:o:X:" flag


          # echo $flag $OPTIND $OPTARG

          case $flag in

          t) TARGET_FILE="$OPTARG"


          D) DEPOT_WS="$OPTARG"


          J) JOB_WS="$OPTARG"


          d) DEBUG_MODE="$OPTARG"


          m) SCRIPT_MODE="$OPTARG"


          l) SCRIPT_LOC="$OPTARG"


          a) ANAL_MODE="$OPTARG"


          p) PUB_NAME="$OPTARG"


          f) ANAL_FILTER="$OPTARG"




          X) AUTO_DEPLOY="$OPTARG"


          *) echo "Usage"




          #Set Proxy Settings

          export http_proxy=http_proxy=http://<proxy_username>:<proxy_password>@<proxy_server_ipaddress>:<port>