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    Variable for AFT

    Mike Landis

      Having some issues with using a variable for input in an advance file transfer job.

      Here is my scenario


      From Self Service the user enters a file path which is sent to control-m as a  variable and orders the AFT job.

      the AFT job fails with "Invalid data set name "'.CTMERRSOURCETEST'"."

      If I look at the variable, defined in the job, it shows that %%SOURCETEST has the path that the user had put into Self Service.

      As a test I created a simple command job with ECHO %%SOURCETEST as the command.  I changed Self Service to order this job out instead and it functions fine.


      I have used variable in other AFT jobs and they have worked.  But those are POOL and/or GLOBAL variables and are defined by a job that runs before the AFT job so the variable already exists.

      Does AFT jobs try to perform the transfer before they realize any variables?