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    Process Embedded Images Errors on Outgoing Emails

    David Hobbs
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      We are experiencing an issue with 12.1.07 which is reproducible and appears to be a software defect.  I wonder if anyone else is seeing the same symptoms?


      When processing an outgoing email the processEmbeddedImages routine returns an error of "Could not process embedded image" followed by a NotificationEmailSender.manageError error of "Could not send email notification. Reason: Unexpected Error".  However, the email is sent successfully.  It appears that Footprints does not believe that the email was successfully sent because every hour (default "Sender Job Interval Between Retries") for a total of 3 sends (default "Sender Job Maximum Number of Retries") the same email is sent to the recipient, and producing the same errors each time. 


      In each case, the source of the embedded image is the customer's original "ticket creation" email.  The series of errors and duplicate emails have occurred in the email sending process that tells the customer that a ticket was successfully created from their email and the email sending process that tells the customer that their ticket was resolved.  Both of these email templates contain the "Initial Description" sent in by the customer and containing the embedded image.


      Other than removing this description from the email templates I have not been able to find another workaround.  It would be great if I could "sanitize" the description by copying it to a text field before including it in the email template but that is not possible.  And, I suppose the real issue is the software defect in the email processing routine.





      Ref:Configuring email notification for your system - BMC FootPrints Service Core 12.1 - BMC Documentation

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          Nicolas Roome

          Sounds like you've done your homework. Have you contacted your support provider?


          Just to confirm, these images were not added through the GUI by someone copy/pasting right? There used/is an issue with notifications going out when someone copy/pasted an image instead of using the supported insert image link on RTF fields. I don't believe that is being treated much as a bug because FootPrints does not support copy/pasting images.

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            David Hobbs





            No, the images are arriving in the emails that are creating the tickets.  I may be wrong but my understanding is that, as the incoming emails are processed, the images (if any) are attached to the newly created ticket as attachments and removed from the resulting "description" field.  It looks like some embedded images fall through the cracks and remain in the description field to become a problem when using that field in the notification emails.


            I began with BMC support and turned to the communities when it looked like the process stalled.  However, I've heard from BMC this morning and they have acknowledged that this is a defect and assured me that it will be resolved in 12.1.08.  No ETA.  It sounds like they are grouping it together with the issue that you point out, that is, pasting images in the GUI. They have suggested that I train my customers to attach images to the ticket creation emails rather than embedding them.  The initial image that brought this issue to my attention was a little telephone next to the phone number in the signature on the customer's email.  So, I don't think customer training is going to be enough since all of the problem images are not being actively inserted into the email by the customer.  


            I'm looking at modifying my email templates but I think including the initial description is important to the customer for ticket identification. 


            To top it off, Footprints is a new ticketing system for my customers and so the duplicate emails have resulted in additional tickets.  On the positive side, this does result in a training opportunity.


            Ahh, what's a few extra emails in the grand scheme of things!



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              I think I've run into a similar issue.

              I have created KB articles with embedded images.

              When these are added to a ticket, the email that goes out contains no images and I get similar errors in the logs.