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    SNMP adapter and trap filtering

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      when i import a mib with mib2map.pl utility (and i'm lucky) i get a class definition for every trap in the mib file.

      What i usually do then is to create mrl refine rules to format events coming from the classes which i  have just defined, so that events will appear in the console (BPPM in my case) with slots set to something meaningful from the trap varbinds.

      I think this is the standard procedure to deal with traps.

      Now, suppose mib2map creates 100 class definitions from the mib i imported but i only want to manage a few of them...how to proceed ?

      Should i simply remove the class definitions i don't need or should i set some suppress rule ?

      If i removed the class definitions (which is what i'd like to do) and i receive the unwanted traps, will they be suppressed or will they still generate events with some generic/default class ?

      I'm using BPPM 9.6 and the latest snmp adapter (which i i think is pretty old though..)