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    Is there an automated calendar solution for observed holiday adjustments?

    Kevin Park


      Automate our manually/annually generated calendars thus mitigate potential scheduling errors



      Is there an AUTOMATED calendar solution for OBSERVED holiday adjustments?


      *By AUTOMATED I mean NOT manually building calendars based on where holidays fall within a given year but rather a truly automated/"set-it-and-forget-it" solution.


      • For example, Christmas (Dec 25th) -

      For a job scheduled to run on all business days (Mon-Fri minus observed holidays)...


      Scenario A: if Dec 25th lands on a Saturday, the observed holiday shifts to the Friday before (Dec 24th) so the job needs to NOT run on Friday the 24th.

      Scenario B: if Dec 25th lands on a Sunday, the observed holiday shifts to the Monday after (Dec 26th) so the job needs to NOT run on Monday the 26th.


      Since this holiday can fall on a weekend AND has different rules based on which weekend day it falls, the goal here is for the job schedule to adjust forward or back in either scenario, skipping the appropriate observed holiday in an automated fashion.


      Q: How can this kind of dynamic holiday scheduling be accomplished – where the calendar is automated in such a way that the job adjusts for varying observed holidays?  The same behavior would need to occur for multiple holidays included within the same solution/calendar/job (e.g. also for Independence Day (July 4th)).