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    Advanced Reboot with Wake-up Device scheduler options checked not waking devices.

    Christopher Luce

      Ran an Advanced Reboot operational rule on a test device group, about 40 systems.  Scheduler set as run weekly (Thursdays), 2:00am, repeat forever.  Also under the scheduler I have selected Wake-up Devices checked and leave run as current user deselected.


      About 10% of my systems actually rebooted (even though the Op Rule showed 90% executed), but the majority of users reported that after they logged on that morning they saw a small pop up then the system immediately rebooted.  I know the small pop up is from the deferred reboot option not being selected but I can't figure out why 1) BCM is reporting successful execution if the reboot doesn't proceed, and 2) Why is my wake up not working correctly?