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    To read the reopen Time after the blackout and to write in the custom slot.

    Kaushik KM

      Hi everyone,


      We have a situation :

      1)Events(from a specific tool like SCOM) come to BPPM cell.

      2)lets say 100 of the events gets blacked out for certain period(say 2pm to 3pm)

      3)among 100 blacked out events, 40 events gets reopened just after 3pm.

      4)now i need to update the time in a slot at which the event has changed its state form BLACKOUT to OPEN

      my concern :

      I have written 2 rules to complete this task.


      Rule 1)  Attaching the string 'Blackout' to a custom slot  'blackout_slot' by checking the status if it is BLACKOUT. the rule is as below:


      refine update_mc_tool_key : EVENT($EV)

      where [$EV.status == BLACKOUT]


      $EV.blackout_slot = 'Blackout';




      Rule2 ERROR) Trying to attach the time at which the event has changed its state from BLACKOUT to OPEN. to a custom slot 'bl_reopen' by checking  'blackout_slot' as below.


      execute Event_Status : EVENT($EV)

      when $EV.status equals OPEN


      where [$EV.blackout_slot == "Blackout"]

      $EV.bl_reopen = time_stamp();




      I am getting an ERROR when i compile this rule. can anyone suggest me the right syntax?