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    MSSQL deep discovery with AD-Users and multiple domains?

    Patrick Rauhut

      Hello Community,


      we want to cover our MSSQL databases a little more precisely.
      Our problem is that the scan clusters are located in a different domain than the DB servers. In each domain there is also a proxy. The service account of the proxy is also authorized for the databases. During the scan, the database is queried directly as a "local system", which fails due to security guidelines - no attempt is made with the (entitled) service account. The JDBC driver (jTDS with domain parameter) reports that the logon attempt is from an untrustworthy domain. The domains do not and will never have a position of trust among themselves.

      Is it possible to route the SQL requests of the JDBC driver through the proxies?
      Is it possible to persuade RemQuery to use the service account for DB queries?


      With kind regards,