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    BMC.CORE:BMC_CloudInstance Class

    Rebecca Beatty

      We have noticed that the BMC_CloudInstance Class was hidden by default after installing SP3. Anyone know why BMC would not want this new class visible OOB?


      I did unhide the class and then needed to unhide the attributes on the AST form that come with the class: Provider Name, Consumed Service, Consumed Service Status


      Thanks for input-

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          Jamie Boley

          Peter Adams Pradeep Kumar Stephen Earl - Any information you can share on why the BMC_CloudInstance class is hidden initially?  Or tag someone that could?  There isn't a lot of information out on BMC Docs about this class other than it's available in SP3 as a new class.  We have had to use the 'Sync Asset UI with CMDB' functionality for it to display, but we're also curious to why the new fields for that class (ConsumedService, ProviderName, ConsumedServiceStatus) aren't visible in the AST forms either and require an additional customization. Also, if you could provide a little more information on how this class should be used that or get some more knowledge on this within docs, knowledgebase, or communities that would be greatly appreciated!


          Platform: 9.1.03

          ITSM: 9.1.01


          9.1.03: Service Pack 3 - BMC Atrium Core 9.1

          9.1.03: Service Pack 3 - BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.1

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            Salman Shaikh

            Hi Jamie,


            BMC_CloudInstance, is added with BMC_BaseElement class as its parent class to support cloud discovery. This class represents the internal or external services consumed by cloud providers, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure). You can represent these services in your infrastructure and service model by using the BMC_CloudInstance class.


            There are many CMDB classes where AST form is not available. We ship only the most common AST forms, not all.


            Sync utility is used to create AST form. Once AST form is created, you will have to create an overlay of the form and enable the custom0 tab to expose the fields.


            Hope this will be helpful.


            Please revert back in case of any queries.


            Thanks & Regards,

            Salman Shaikh

            BMC AtriumCore Team


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