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    CMDBOutput Step: - Inconsistent Results

    Mike White

      With reference to the below transformation I am seeing issues with the CMDBouput step.


      The transformation takes the results of a SQL call into the CMDB and returns a list of CIs (along with some other relevant fields)


      The non highlighted part of the transformation uses that information to build emails with csv attachments and update WorkOrders and this element is working correctly.


      In regards to the highlighted section I am seeing a problem whereby the number of CIs updated is inconsistent. Eg with a input of 1895 CIs (as verified by the various Debug steps) then any where between only as little as 127 and 1887 CIs are updated (as logged in the associated UDM:JobLog)




      NB am aware that Best Practice would be to update the Temporary Dataset and then Promote to the Golden Dataset via Reconciliation however the update that is being added is to the Notes field only and adds a Diary Note that the CI was impacted by a piece of work on a specific date hence considered decision made to update Golden Dataset directly.


      There is a risk that using reconciliation then due to the number of CIs involved (the example being tested with is a low number, potentially it could be up to 600k CIs having notes added) then if multiple transformations are running (the AI Job is triggered by workflow which in itself is triggered by an inbound email template) then Notes may get missed.


      NB the "entityStatus" is only being updated as the step barfed if that wasn't there (Required Field).




      NB cmdoutput_02.jpg