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    BSA Inventory and Logical Volume Managers

    John Debenham


          Does BladeLogic (8.5) have a feature that I'm missing that works with Logical Volume Managers?  Snapshots of Logical Hardware are not what I'm after and seem almost identical to the results from Filesystems.


      To set the scene, I'm being asked to inventory our estate and join up the following :


      a. Actual storage accessible to each target.

      b. Capacity used/free on each device/LUN.

      c. Storage in use by filesystem.



      So for  "a" I'm using Physical Storage snapshots.  For "c" I've been running Logical Storage snapshots, but may move to Filesystem ones or even just an NSH script with "df".


      Part "b" is the problem.  Since devices/LUNs in "a" are then assigned to LVM Volume Groups before finally being presented as filesystems and not all space available to the Volume Group is necessarily assigned to the filesystems.


      Many Thanks

      John D